English Language Course

What is an English Language Course?

English Language Schools teach international students English in preparation for entry onto a foundationprogramme or undergraduate degree. Courses can last from as little as one week or up to a year, and teaching incorporates the key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

When choosing an English Language School, it is important to select a fully accredited centre approved by the UK Government and Education authorities.

Course Types

  • General English

General English classes are ideal for those who need to improve their English language ability ahead of study or work. Classes take in all elements of everyday English and are designed to give you the fluency and confidence needed when working or studying in an English speaking country.

  • English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes classes aim to improve a student’s note taking, presentation and academic reading and writing skills before study at a UK university. Advanced classes are available for students who wish to study a master degree.

  • IELTSExam Preparation

The IELTS course is ideal for people who want to apply to a UK university and need to achieve their desired score in the IELTS test.IELTS course is designed to help students to get the score that they need for entry to your dream University. Students participate in practice tests in class, on a regular basis, which provides students with time to develop their IELTS skills prior to their official exam.

  • Medical English

The programme is designed for groups of medical professionals who wish to improve their skill with English in medical contexts and obtain proof of their ability via an internationally recognised test.

Course Duration: 4, 8 or 12 weeks of medical English + OET preparation

Contact hours: 20 hours per week. 15 hours of Medical English/OET preparation, 1 hour General English or 15 hours of medical English/OET preparation per week and Lab training.

OET Examinations: Enrolment for the exam one or more times can also be included in the package. For the short course we would recommend 1 test, 2 for the longer study options.

  • Business English

Business English classes will focus on improving your presentation skills, interview techniques, management and negotiation abilities.

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